2023 – 2024 List of Popular Scholarships Abroad


2023 – 2024 List of Popular Scholarships Abroad: The quest for scholarship application for further studies especially for Master, PhD and Fellowship can be really tiring. However, having the right idea about the scholarship being sort after makes this quest easy.

Africscholarsips brings to you list of popular scholarships, majorly for Master, PhD and Fellowship Programme abroad. Though there are many scholarships for international students but these scholarships listed below are the most sort after scholarships. The essence of these list is to enable scholars seeking for further studies abroad to easily find the scholarships they are sure of getting when they apply. n

The following are the List of Popular Scholarships worldwide available for 2023 – 2024 academic session:

  • Commonwealth for Masters and Commonwealth for PhD
  • PhD Exchange, Medical Fellowships Switzerland
  • RTP Australia PhD, Research Masters
  • Vanier Canada, for PhD, BS Students can also apply for PhD
  • Ireland Gov. Scholarships for Masters and PhD
  • Chevening UK
  • Commonwealth PhD, Split PhD and Medical Fellowship
  • Hong Kong PhD Fellowships
  • Erasmus Mundus Masters and PhD
  • MEXT Japan
  • Chinese Govt. Master and PhD
  • Commonwealth Shared UK

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Also there are government related scholarships for international students. These are as follows:

  • UK Scholarships
  • The Netherland Government Scholarships
  • PhD Position in Europe
  • Australia Award Scholarship
  • LPDP Scholarship
  • DIKTI Scholarship – Dalam Negeri and Luar Negeri
  • Turkey Government Scholarship
  • General Cultural Scholarship India
  • USA Government Scholarship
  • Netherland Government Scholarship
  • Korean Government Scholarship
  • Belgium Government Scholarship
  • Israel Government scholarship
  • Science Pro France
  • Prasetya Mulya Business School Indonesia
  • Brunei Darussalam Government Scholarship
  • Monbugakusho scholarship Japan
  • Sweden Government Scholarship
  • Taiwan Government Scholarship
  • UK Government Scholarship

University and Foundation Related Scholarship

  • Panasonic Scholarship Japan
  • Ancora Foundation Scholarship
  • Asian Public Intellectual Fellowship Japan
  • AUN/SEED-Net Scholarship
  • Art Asia major Scholarship Korea National University of Arts
  • Seoul National University Scholarship Korea
  • IDB Merit Scholarship Programme for High Technology
  • Nitori International Scholarship Foundation Japan
  • Inpex Scholarship Foundation Japan
  • Asia University Taiwan
  • Macquarie University Australia

Some of these scholarships are available on our website, you can search for them via our website search. The ones that are not available will be updated soon for your quest fulfillment and digest.

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