Canada Student Study Permit Application

Canada Student Study Permit Application

Canada Student Study Permit Application: Canada is a popular country which is located in the northern part of North America. Its popularity is also as a result of its intensive and advanced education. Outstanding and talented individuals from around the world are drawn to Canada for its diversity, prestigious education system, and cosmopolitan cities. Its universities and educational institutions offer a wide range of degree programs in various fields of study. Its education system offers three degree – Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate degrees. The most advantageous of it all is that most of its programs are taught in English which opens a varieties of opportunities to English speaking foreign students.

Canada has become one of the popular countries student across the globe search for, in other to further their studies. By World University Ranking, about thirty Canadian Universities are ranked among the best universities for international students. One of the means through which the Canadian Government support international students for the Higher Education is through its Students’ Study Permit.

The Canadian Student Study Permit is not a Study Visa. It is a document provided by Canadian Government for foreign students who are applying for a study program in any Designated Learning Institution in Canada.

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Why Canada Student Study Permit

  • It provides a means of continuation of studies should  study situation changes.
  • Grant the student permission to work on-campus or off-campus, so far as the student is registered as a full-time student at a DLI.

How To Get Study Permit

Before you apply for a study permit you need to get your the following documents ready:

Acceptance letter from a Designated Learning Institution (DLI): Student must provide a proof of acceptance into any Canadian University. This can be inform of a valid Acceptance Letter from the enrolled institution.

A Proof of Fund: Student must provide a proof of fund that shows his or her ability to pay for the following – tuition fees, living expenses, fund to carter for return transportation. Also, if family is involved, student has to provide proof to support yourself, and any family members who come with you, while you are in Canada.

Police Certificate: Student should not have in any way, any criminal record. This is certified by providing a Police Certificate to show you are a law abiding citizen.

Medical Report: Student is to provide a medical report that shows that he or she is in good health condition.

Provision of a valid passport or travel document.

Canada Study Permit Via Online

A method of obtaining a Study Permit in Canada is through the Student Direct Stream. This method is faster and only available to legal resident in certain countries. This is done by applying online through the Student Direct Stream. The following steps are involved in Canada Student Online Visa Application

First Step:

If applicant is to undergo biometric enrolment, forehand appointment is very vital. Once an appointment is scheduled, an appointment letter will be issued along with a reference number. Note student is required to pay for this which cost $150 currently.

Second Step:

Submission of Proof of IELTS results and upload of the supporting documents.

Third Step:

Once student’s biometrics is received, the Study Permit application will be processed. Processing period for most Student Direct Stream applications last within 20 calendar days after reception of biometrics, if the eligibility criteria are met.

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