In search for a scholarship to study abroad, one of the factors that determines if one will get a scholarship is how the application for the scholarship was made. Most scholarship applications are sieved out because the applicant was not able to make proper application toward the scholarship. This article is to inform you on the things you need to put in mind before or when applying for a scholarship.

Early Application Matters

Kicking off on time when a scholarship application opens is an added advantage toward successful application. Another, factor is to try to meet up with the deadline for a particular application. The application process for many scholarships takes time – both for its review and acceptance. You should start as early as possible to make preparation toward the application and make submission of the necessary required document before deadline. Also, refer to the following portal for more information regarding this – Bachelors Portal, Masters Portal and PhD Portal.

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Submission of the Required Documents

Most scholarship applications require submitting the following documents:

  • Academic Transcript,
  • Certificates of your previous education(First degree, school leaving exams etc)
  • Language Certificates(TOEFL or IELTS )
  • A Personal statement or essay and
  • to certain extent your resume

These documents are reviewed by the committee who runs the scholarship and will make a decision based on the these credentials. It is necessary to make sure that these documents are well arranged and are in order before starting your application. Also you need to make sure that there are hard copies of every document been submitted.

Seek Scholarship Through Your School

Most times, your lecturers and professors in the university has the right information about available scholarships. Find a way to be close to them and seek information on these scholarship through them. They are always in the right position to guide you on making a successful scholarship application. Also, you can apply through your school’s study abroad office who provides you with information on scholarships at their desk.

Your Referral Matters

Referral for a particular scholarship application is important for a successful application. Your referee writes the letter of recommendation and will go a long way to make your application stand out. The best referee are the lecturers who have taught you in the university. Some scholarships may allow you to have non-academic references as well (either an employer or community leader etc.). If that is what is required and they know you well, you can ask them.

Following these guides will boost your chances of making a successful application for any scholarship. Remember, always keep digging. Source out for right scholarships and keep applying. For sure will get a scholarship to aid you further your study abroad.

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