One of the dreams of African students is to further their studies abroad. Further studies abroad is a wise choice as its benefits is so great. It opens room for knowledge expansion in our own our field of study and gives an opportunity to make a greater impact within African continent. It also an opportunity to see life outside Africa and be able to acquire a new perspective to the development the continent.

However, making this dream a reality is very difficult for the majority of African students due to many factors. Two of these factors is Cost of study and How to get around the scholarships for this studies.

Studying abroad can be an expensive process. Financial aid and grants can help cover the costs of tuition. But even a great financial aid package doesn’t take care of all the hidden costs. With travel, lodging, dining out, and the higher costs of everyday life, it can really add up. That’s where study abroad scholarships come in.

On the other hand, getting hand on this scholarships is sometimes hard if not guided very well. With good guidance one can easily obtain a scholarship and be able to make a dream studying abroad a reality. There are many testimonies on this from students. Thus, this article is to provide information on how to get study abroad scholarships.

Scholarships – Step to follow to obtain one

There are many scholarships opportunity available for study abroad. One of the means of being well informed about them is through Google Search and your academic advisers. Google Search provides you with websites that offers information on scholarships. You can visit these sites and get information on the latest scholarships available.

The more specific the scholarship is, the fewer qualified applicants it is likely to have. You should consider applying to niche scholarships and writing a thoughtful essay or personal statement. This way, you can increase your chances of actually getting the funding.  Read the requirements for each scholarship thoroughly to confirm you qualify.

Also, while searching and applying for scholarship, one should consider his or her academic grade. Your academic background is a huge deciding factor. The scholarship committee members will want to know that they’re not just paying for your vacation. Try to be as thoughtful and honest as possible in your applications, too. 

Here are some Study Abroad Scholarships for those with financial need and developing countries.

Finally, you do not give up. Keep trying and keep applying, until you make your dream a reality.

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