Reasons to Study in Germany

Top universities in Germany

Germany is one of the most popular countries with top universities for international students to undergo and further their studies. It has a rich culture, vibrant and dynamic lifestyle with lovely and conducive environment required for learning. Germany is ranked among the world’s top destinations for students allover the world with latest statistic having over 357,000 foreign students seeking an admission into a German University. However, among other countries, Germany is most sought after country for studies due to several reasons.

Free or Low Tuition Fee:

Most universities in Germany offers low or no tuition fee for both domestic and foreign students. This was established in October 2014 which is a German Government Policy that offer free university tuition to students all over the world who wishes to study in Germany. This policy has gone far to reduce education cost for international students who are left with few fee to carter for. This includes few administrative fee like student union fee, student contribution and public transport ticket.

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Top Ranking Universities:

Most top universities in Germany are highly ranked globally. Germany has about 429 education institutions with 106 of them universities. The reason for this is due to its standard education quality, highly qualified professional and well equipped study facilities. The top 5 universities in Germany are as follows:

Varieties of Degree Courses:

Universities in Germany offers a variety of degree courses. It has its specialty in Engineering courses. Germany is the most industralised country in the world and has invested so much in Engineering universities. Engineering Programs a particularly valued at German Universities. On the other hand, German universities offers other quality and professional courses like medicine, pharmacy, applied science and other Art courses.

A Wide Range of Scholarship Programs:

Though most universities in Germany offer tuition free course, however some degree programmes require finance. Undegraduate studies are basically tuition free but most Master’s or PhD studies in Germany are not tuition free. Thus, most Postgraduate studies in Germany are fee-based. On the brighter side , there are a good number of scholarship programs that provide financial support to foreign students in Germany. These scholarships are as follows:

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