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South East Technology University - SETU Scholarships

South East Technology University (SETU), Ireland offers a wide range of SETU scholarships to international students from around the globe. These scholarships are for students from NON EU countries and offered in line with the institute strategic international priorities.

University Overview

South East Technology University (SETU), Ireland a public technological university located in the South East region of Ireland. It was formed in 1st May, 2022 from the amalgamation of two existing institutes of technology in the region – Waterford IT and IT Carlow. South East Technological University aims to be a beacon for knowledge, partnerships and ideas by promoting a multicultural environment. It provides students with excellent learning, collaboration, and innovation by offering outstanding academic and research facilities.  

SETU Waterford has evolved to cater for the educational needs of its region and globally. The university has a diverse campus and attracts students over 70 different countries. SETU Waterford has over 140 +  international education partnerships and offers several degree programme, including online courses for distant students. It also provides several scholarships for its international students. The goal of the scholarships is to remove financial barriers and provide opportunities for deserving scholars from around the world.

Level/Field of Study: The scholarships are Undergraduate, Higher Diploma and Postgraduate programmes.

Various SETU Scholarships

The SETU Scholarships for Undergraduate Programmes: Scholarships for our undergraduate programmes provide for a reduction of 20% in tuition fees.  To maintain the scholarship every year, students must achieve a minimum of 60% in their overall grades.

The SETU Scholarships for Higher Diploma Programmes: Scholarships for our higher diploma programmes provide for a reduction of 20% in tuition fees.  

The SETU Scholarships for Postgraduate Programmes: Scholarships for our postgraduate programmes provide for a reduction of €2,000 only for all full-time taught postgraduate programmes.  This scholarship does not apply to our research postgraduate or PhD programmes. 

Irish Aid Fellowship: Is an Irish Government’s programme for overseas development, managed by the Development Co-operation Division of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. A broad programme of support to capacity building in developing countries is provided by the Government.

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China – Claddagh Scholarship Programme: SETU offers 6 scholarships for Chinese applicants through the Claddagh Scholarship Programme. These scholarships are available to undergraduate and postgraduate applicants.

Note: For all undergraduate scholarships it is required that a student applying for the scholarship must have been offered a either a full or conditional offer of a place on one of the programmes offered at the institute before they can apply for a scholarship.

The same is applicable for Postgraduate student seeking to apply for the scholarship. If one has not received a full or conditional offer, your scholarship application will not be processed. It is advised that applicant should read the Terms and Conditions of these Scholarships in order to clear their answer on any questions regarding these scholarships.

To learn more about these scholarship visit official website – South East Technology University Scholarships

Application Deadline: Varies for each scholarship.

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