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Google AI Residency Program For Young Graduates, 2020

With the growing rise in the use of machines in almost all business sectors of the world, the computer technology related fields are now a competitive career niche. To be well founded in these fields and be able to deliver, hands-on skill and experience becomes relevant. One of the programme designed to help young graduates who are passionate about improving the use of machines is the Google AI Residency Programme.

The Google AI Residency Program was created in 2015 with the aim of training and supporting the next generation of deep learning researchers. With machine learning fast becoming a critical area for a broad range of applications, the need to evolve our research goals and expand beyond deep learning to include a breadth of machine learning sub-fields becomes needful. Many people from diverse fields are beginning to realise its relevance and impact in area of research.

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Benefits of Google AI Residency Program For Young Graduates

  • Accepted residents will have the opportunity to be mentored by distinguished scientists and engineers from various teams within Google AI and as well work on real-world machine learning problems and application.
  • They will also have the opportunity to collaborate and partner closely with various research groups across Google and Alphabet.

Required Qualification

  • BS degree or equivalent practical experience in a STEM field such as Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics, Biology, Economics or other disciplines.
  • Experience with coding in Python, C/C++, or Java
  • Research experience in machine learning or AI techniques (e.g. open source project(s), campus lab experience, research internship(s), or publication(s)).

How To Apply

The application for the Google AI Residency Program kicks off 21st October, 2019 and ends 19th December,2019. To start application see g.co/airesidency/apply.

For more information on this programme visit Google AI Residency Program For Young Graduates.

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